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Our Heritage

Throughout the years, we protected recipes passed down the generations of families, and have poured ourselves into the art and science of our heritage craft. We believe in quality ingredients and beautiful products made with love. All our confectionaries are freshly handmade in Singapore, and do not contain any artificial preservatives. Each piece is made with the finest of ingredients to give you the quality that these timeless treats deserve.

From beautiful, individually handcrafted Nonya Kuehs to sweet and savoury bite-sized treats, and cakes made with enduring tradition, Rainbow Lapis exists to preserve and celebrate the Heritage Delicacies of Singapore.

It is our pleasure to share them with you. Enjoy.

All our products are Halal-compliant; our items suit the dietary requirements of Muslims and our ingredients are sourced from our Halal-certified partners.
(Please note that our products are halal, but are not under the certification).

For more information on available pick-up locations, please scroll to bottom of this menu, or check out the store information page.

Home deliveries are available Mondays - Sundays.

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For corporate orders / customisation requests / multiple location orders:
Email us at sales@rainbowlapis.com

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